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Lost Bitcoin Password

Forgotten Your Bitcoin Password?

Everyone has a hard luck story about losing their bitcoins when they threw out an old computer or suffered a hack. But the most frustrating situation of all, is when you have your wallet but you can't remember your password. However, with hypnosis we CAN help you remember that password.
Recovered Bitcoin Fortune

Recover Your Fortune!

Let Meta Hypnotherapy help your recover your Bitcoin Password from your subconscious mind and unlock your fortune.

3 Ways Hypnosis Can Help You Remember Your Bitcoin Password

Relax Your Mind

Relax Your Mind

The law of reversed effect (Coues Law) states the harder we try and remember something, the more difficult and frustrating it becomes to remember. When you relax and stop making a conscious effort to remember, what you are searching for will "pop back into" your mind.
Rewind Your Mind

Rewind Your Mind

Using time line therapy we can rewind your mind back to the moment when you created your password.


The picture superiority effect states we are more likely to remember pictures and images rather than words. Using visualisation techniques, we can trigger the memories of the pictures and images associated with your password.

How can it help you?

Hypnotherapy helps you remember your password by using Time Line Therapy to rewind your mind back to the moment when you created your password. Then by relaxing your mind and using visualisation techniques we can help you retrieve your password from your subconscious mind.

Hypnotherapy is
NOT a magic trick or some dark art. It's more like a regular therapy session or guided meditation.

NOT dangerous, painful or weird. You're not asleep or unconscious.You're just relaxed, focused and open to new ideas.

What happens at the session?

  1. Interview. First, the hypnotist asks about what you can consciously remember about the day you created your password. Then find out the characters/letters/numbers that would NOT be in your password.
  2. Hypnosis session. The hypnotist induces you into a state of deep relaxation. Then using Time Line Therapy we will rewind your mind back to the moment when you created your password. Utilising visualisation techniques, we will retrieve your password from your subconscious mind.
  3. Next steps. Once the hypnotist brings you out of the trance, you will be able to use your password to unlock your bitcoin fortune.

Meet Dion-Your Hypnotist

Dion Borg Hypnotist
My name is Dion Borg, I have been a hypnotist for over 8 years. I decided to study hypnotherapy because I've always been fascinated with how the mind works. And I am passionate about helping people make lasting positive changes in their lives. After training with some of the best hypnotists in the world like Justin Tranz, Freddy and Anthony Jacquin. I founded the Meta Hypnotherapy Clinic in Brisbane.

I'm happy to say that, so far, I've been able to help dozens of people overcome their bad habits and solve issues like smoking, weight loss, phobias, anxiety, insomnia and depression. As well as improving memory recall, confidence, relationships, sports performance and achievement of goals.

My practice has been certified by the
IICT and I am fully insured through AON.

Can hypnosis help YOU remember your password?

There's only one way to find out: Talk to a Hypnotist

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Here's what other people say

"For the last 13 years I have served as a Military Officer and a Career Urban Firefighter, I have been using Meta Hypnotherapy for the last 5 years.

Dion has always been able to give me
cutting edge treatment to combat any form of mental and physical adversity that has crossed my path, whether it be stress, personal development, growth hacking, wealth development, physical development, professional development or dating and relationships.

I would recommend Meta Hypnotherapy to anyone that wants to grow, develop, succeed or heal their life in anyway, Dion is one of the
best hypnosis practitioners within Australia and is always able to help at anytime I require it."*


Frequently Asked Questions

"What if you can't hypnotise me?"
Everyone can be hypnotised. If we couldn't be hypnotised, advertising wouldn't work.
"Will you control my mind?"
No. You are in control. In fact, most people feel more focused and more aware of their surroundings.
"Is hypnosis dangerous?"
No. It's just an alternate state of consciousness. It's focused attention. There is nothing dangerous about hypnosis. You will hear everything that is said and you will be awaken when necessary.
"What if I can't wake up?"
You can't get "stuck" in hypnosis. It's a natural state that you enter every day. For example, when you go and see a really great movie in a theatre your mind enters a trance state. And you forget about the people around you and that you're actually in a movie theatre. So, there's nothing to be afraid of.
"Will I be uncounscious"
When you are hypnotised, you will NOT go to sleep, become unconscious, black out, be put in a coma or have amnesia. You will feel relaxed.
"Will I give away my personal secrets?"
No. You will NOT say or do anything that you don't really want to.
"When can I expect results?"
Most people experience results after the first session.

So, can hypnosis help you?

Talk to a Hypnotist to find out. You risk nothing.

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If you still have questions or concerns…
Email us or use the chat box (bottom right corner).
IICT Member
*Disclaimer: Results from hypnotherapy may vary from person to person. Success depends on you following the treatment plan and trusting the hypnotist. Please keep in mind that, if you don't want to make positive change in your life, nobody can force you to do it.