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Facts About Hypnosis

  1. Everyone can be hypnotised to some degree otherwise we couldn't learn or advertising wouldn't work. Take the Hypnosis Quiz Here.
  2. Hypnosis is NOT dangerous. You will always hear everything that is said and awaken when necessary.
  3. When you are hypnotised, you will NOT go to sleep, become unconscious, black out or have amnesia.
  4. Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness - a "neutral" relaxation similar to meditation. You will have thoughts when you are hypnotised.
  5. Hypnosis is also a learned process, it is improved with repetition. So the more you practice it, the more you will benefit from the process.
  6. Hypnosis is not a trick or a magical force. It is just the strategic manipulation of attention and linguistics which leads to the allegation of cognitive perceptions, beliefs, behaviour an action.
  7. You must allow the hypnotic induction to be a personal pleasure and do not try to help. Simply enjoy following the guiding words of the hypnotist.


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*Disclaimer: Results from hypnotherapy may vary from person to person. Success relies on the client following the treatment plan and the willingness to make personal change in their life. However, Meta Hypnotherapy cannot guarantee any results. If you are unwilling to make a positive change in your life please seek alternative advice.