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What Are Other People Saying About Hypnotherapy With Dion?

Dion was fantastic with helping me over come my anxiety and panic attacks and kept in touch after the hypnotherapy session to ensure I was keeping on track and amswered any additional questions I had. Highly recommended
Mickey Farquharson
I went to work on my procrastination and confidence in social situations. I've noticed i'm not as interested in my phone and sitting on social media for hours at a time, after 10 minutes, i'm no longer interested and go on to complete other tasks and am more focused. My confidence in social situations wasn't bad to begin with but i believe people are more warmed to me than previous. It was an interesting experience and i feel like i was awake through the experience while more focused on Dion's words. I look forward to doing this again.
Antony Van Der Kruyssen
For the last 13 years I have served as a Military Officer and a Career Urban Firefighter, I have been using Meta Hypnotherapy for the last 5 years. Dion has always been able to give me cutting edge treatment to combat any form of mental and physical adversity that has crossed my path, whether it be stress, personal development, growth hacking, wealth development, physical development, professional development or dating and relationships. I would recommend Meta Hypnotherapy to anyone that wants to grow, develop, succeed or heal their life in anyway, Dion is one of the best hypnosis practitioners within Australia and is always able and ready to help at anytime I require it.*
H.K. - Everton Park
After years of anxiety and panic attacks I decided to give hypnosis a go, as a last resort before medications. The sessions with Dion changed my thought processes and I began to feel my anxiety fall away. Now when I find myself dealing with life's stresses I don't have anxious feelings and my mind automatically takes a different approach. It has allowed me to take back control of my feelings. The thing I loved most about the treatments was the relaxing, calming environment Dion established. I felt comfortable and trusted he was going to take me through a process that can seem a little foreign. I highly recommend hypnosis for anyone dealing with stress and/or anxiety.*
E.T. - Hawthorne
I've had the pleasure of knowing Dion for approximately 20 years. Originally Dion came to me and wanted to learn Martial Arts. Over many years Dion dedicated himself and rose up through the ranks to become one of my valued 2nd Dan Instructors, and still is to this day. During this time I have seen Dion strive to constantly challenge and improve himself, not only in Martial Arts, but also in his personal and professional life. As part of the Martial Art of Ki Sei Do Kai, we teach and study "Ki" development, which is the study of how the mind works through the body. Dion rose to the level of Sensei in Ki, which is basically a teacher of Ki. Soon after this Dion informed me that he was really interested in studying the mind even further and talked about the power of hypnosis. After many years of training with people here in Australia, and overseas including England and the USA, and networked with some of the top hypnotherapists in the world. I have seen Dion grow and become a very competent and professional hypnotherapist. We have had many discussions on the healing power of the mind through hypnotherapy. I was always one of those people who thought that I would not be able to be hypnotized. Dion proved this to be incorrect as I have had two successful sessions with Dion for my own personal development and have found him to be highly professional, very competent and I was personally, both surprised and happy with the results. I would not hesitate to highly recommend Dion to anyone for the goal of solving problems or bettering oneself through the science of clinical hypnotherapy.*
Kyoshi Greg Gysin 7th Dan Founder/Director Ki Sei Do Kai Dojos
Dion has made a believer out of me. Went from being a complete skeptic of hypnotism to having problems with anxiety, sleep and motivation all rectified with only 2 short sessions. Incredible how I was put into REM sleep within seconds.*
M.T. - Townsville
*Disclaimer: Results from hypnotherapy may vary from person to person. Success depends on you following the treatment plan and trusting the hypnotist. Please keep in mind that, if you don't want to make positive change in your life, nobody can force you to do it.